About Us

Asia and Middle East Forum


The Asian continent is considered the largest in space, population, natural resources and the highest in population and economic growth world-wide. It is, as well, the nearest to the Middle East in terms of culture, religion, civilization exchange other than the common fate during the colonization era. This creates an opportunity as well as a challenge to explore the available and possible opportunities that may serve both sides; Asia and the Middle East.

Moreover, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the Middle East and the whole of Asia for its strong connection with civilization of the past and development of the present. Therefore, we believe that Istanbul with its deep rootedness, history, diversity, middle geography among the three continents as well as economic development is the most suitable starting point for this ambitious project.


A pioneering platform for an Asian Middle Eastern Dialogue


Establishing new relations and reinforcing those in existence through providing opportunities and facilitating effective communication for those interested in both sides


  1. Knowing and exploring Asia through direct contact.
  2. Establishing relations in those countries
  3. Presenting Middle Eastern issues to the rest of Asia
  4. Exploring opportunities on both sides and making them available.
  5. Being a reference in the affairs and relations of Asia and the Middle East

Areas of work:

  • Organizing visits for establishing ties and exchanging experiences for those interested on both sides
  • Conducting specialized seminars
  • Specialized workshops
  • Conferences
  • Specialized periodicals, essays and papers
  • Providing consultations in this regard

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