Asia-Middle East Relations

Hamas: Israeli arrests won’t stop ‘Palestinian rebellion’:

The arrests campaign that was launched yesterday by the Israeli army against the leaders and the members of Hamas, is an evidence of Israel’s “failure” to control the situation in the West Bank, Quds Press reported, quoting a senior official at the Islamic movement.

Abd Al-Rahman Shahid said that the arrests aim to stop the escalations at al-Aqsa holy site, urging the Palestinians to continue to defend their rights and holy places.

He hailed the Palestinian youth-led “Intifada” uprising, calling on the Islamic world to support “the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and the West Bank in their fight against the Zionist forces.”

The Israeli forces launched yesterday a large-scale arrests campaign against Hamas’ leaders, activists and its previously freed members, including the former minister Omar Abdel Razek,in the West Bank after raiding and searching their homes throughout the city.

The Israeli army announced they had arrested 29 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 25 of Hamas leaders, stressing that the arrests were under the pretext of the clashes that have been erupted at al-Aqsa mosque site and the protests taking place in Ramallah.

The official spokesperson of the Islamic movement, Hazem Qasem said that the continuous arrests “will remain us strong adherent to the path of resisting and defending our people’s rights and holy places.”


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